Why do I need a disability lawyer?

When you claim a disability benefit, you usually do this on your own or with the help of a family member.  You may be asked to have your family doctor send in a medical form to confirm the extent of your injury or illness.

There are tactics that insurers will utilize to deny your claim or limit your benefits.  Some of these tactics include:

• Decide on entitlement without the benefit of all relevant medical documentation.  
• Relying upon missed timelines to deny benefits when there is a reasonable explanation and no prejudice to the insurer.
• Deny benefits if you fail to attend an assessment despite having a good reason.
• Continually making requests for documentation when there is enough information to decide in your favor.
• Push you to return to work when you are not ready and then rely upon this to deny your claim.

The reason insurers engage these tactics is that they hope the threat of cutting off benefits or denying your benefits is enough to make you simply give up. Insurers know that you must work because the illness or injury complained of does not stop bills from coming in, paying the mortgage or feeding your family.  Believe it or not, many people simply submit and will not fight the insurer.  

If an insurer denies your entitlement to LTD or stops your benefit based on limited medical evidence, it is important to see what your rights are before taking any steps against the insurer.

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